Book Reviews - 10 Questions to Answer While Preparing for a Mission

"10 a masterfully written "manual" specifically for those preparing to serve missions, but is also effective for anyone planning to attend the temple or who simply wants to live the gospel more fully."  — Wendy Jesson, journalist, Deseret Newsread full review
"[10 Questions...] does provide an excellent road map for those planning to serve. I recommend handing it to LDS teenagers especially, as it will help inspire and prepare them for one of the most powerful experiences of their lives: their missions."  — Susan Jensen, blogger, Bloggin' 'Bout Booksread full review
"I think EVERYONE needs to read this book...not only to help you prepare to serve a mission, but to help you understand if you are truly converted to the gospel and ready to help further the work of the Lord." — Shauna Wheelwright, blogger, I Love to Read and Review Booksread full review
"We should all be reading over these questions and making sure that our hearts and minds are in the right place as we move forward in the missions we call our lives." — Tristi Pinkston, author, Meridian Magazineread full review
"I truly love this book. I appreciate the author producing something that can help me as I raise these boys and help them prepare for not only their missions but the rest of their lives." — Cami Checketts, blogger, Cami Checketts Booksread full review
"I loved all the chapters, but one of the most insightful chapters for me was "Question 8: Do I know what success really means?" (I wish I'd read it before my mission....)" —Rebecca H. Jamison, author of Persuasion, a Latter-day Taleread full review
"I found this book to be a quick read and valuable resource to those who are considering serving in the mission field." — Shanda of LDS Women’s Book Reviewread full review
"It really is full of great advice and one will feel the spirit of God testifying of its wisdom as they read." — Alice Gold, blogger, I'm So Funnyread full review